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Blank Wedding Invitation Printing Instructions

We strongly recommend that  you test print with regular paper cut to the sizes of the insert page of actual invitations. 

Download Printing Template:

Printing Template for BL9101 Printing Template for BL9402
Printing Template for BL9102 Printing Template for BL9919
Printing Template for BL9205 Printing Template for BL9911
Printing Template for BL9303 ˇˇ
Printing Template for BL9302 ˇˇ
Printing Template for BL9216
Printing Template for BL9402

Above templates were saved in Word format for your convenience.  You may create your own margin, border or any layout to add a personal touch to your invitations.  The following graphics illustrate how to change margins or set columns in Word:

1.  Start Microsoft Word, click on Show/Hide icon on tool bar to show cursor position.

2.  Click on File, choose Page Setup.  Under Margins tab, set the correct value in each category.  

3.  Click on “paper size?tab, choose “custom size? set correct value.

4.  Click Format, choose “columns? choose any layout of your choice.

5.  Save this blank document as your template, then proceed.

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