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    Newsletter  Feb 2008

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  • New Arrivals - Brocade Jewelry Box for your bridesmaids
  • Letter of the Month - What to ask when selecting a caterer?
  • Food Tasting Event - Garden Grove, California, Feb 29, 2008
  • Featured Vendor - Lawry's Restaurant & Catering
New Arrivals

Brocade Jewelry Box
Perfect gift for your bridesmaids who has committed much time and effort to your wedding. These brocade jewelry boxes comes in variety of colors, feature lively colors, a bronze lock and velvet interior.  Also add a piece of Chinese jewelry to give the girls a  pleasant surprise.


Paired Red Bucket

Part of a traditional dowry, these pair of red buckets brings abundance of wealth to your new family

Gold Pillow Covers

Designed as kneeling pillows for the newlyweds at the Tea Ceremony as part of your wedding, a pair of Double Happiness Pillows is the essential accessory for the wedding and the home decor.

Tip of the Month
What to ask when looking for a caterer?

Catering a wedding is a more demanding task than serving at a restaurant.  Once you decide having your wedding catered, you need to look for an experienced caterer with good reputation and strong personal references.  The following questions may be the right start when interviewing your caterer:

1. What is your menu and price range?  Usually, you can create your own combination within their selections.  Ask if there is a difference in price if you book on weekdays or Sunday.
2. Ratio of servers to guests. This is important if you have a rather large wedding.  Of course, the more servers there are, the more you have to pay anyway.
3. Lazy susan. Essential for Chinese banquet.  Some caterers provide them for free.
4. Renting plates, silverware, glass? Most caterers provide basic style of dishes, and you pay for rental if you want specialty dishes.
5. Do your servers set up napkins and favors? Catering waiters usually only the table with plates, glass, paper napkin, etc. You may need to designate one person to set up your favors if it's not covered.
6. Any kitchen set up fee? 
7. Do you cook on site or off site and reheat at the premise? 
8. How long does it take to serve the whole 10 courses? 
9. Any particular dishes that are popular with a crowd of mainly Americanized Asians plus caucasians?  For example, eating steamed whole fish under dimmed lights in a ball room may be a difficult task for most caucasians since the fish is not deboned
10. Do you clean up after the wedding?  Most caterers clean up things on the table only, not on the ground. 
11. Cancellation policy? 
12. Do you have vegetarian food, and vendor's meal? 

Featured Vendor

Lawry's Restaurant, Inc.

Distinguished for its exceptional cuisine and impeccable service, Lawry's provides the same standards for quality, tradition, and world-class dining experience that have made Lawry's The Prime Rib a dining legend since 1938.  

Whether you seek to treat your guests to the warmth of Lawry's signature restaurant experience or wish to have the same level of excellence catered to your wedding at your own location, Lawry's style and hospitality will make your wedding forever memorable.

Most Popular 
Product of the Month

Personalized Crystals

Etched with your names and wedding date, this high tech work of art, laser engraved 3-D crystal, has been cherished by the newlyweds and their guests. 

Free Food Tasting
Full-course Chinese Wedding Banquet

February 29, 2008
Garden Grove, California

5:00 pm Event Starts
6:00 pm Dinner Starts

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