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Chinese Wedding Tea Ceremony Service Package

Phone: (626) 205-2098

Culture consultation including coordinating sequence of event, offering auspicious words of blessing to the family.

Tea is freshly made on site.  Choice of tea in various tastes and presentation style.  Red envelopes included.

Traditional music is available on CD.  Live artist playing Tseng, a harp-like traditional instrument, can be arranged at additional cost.

Traditional attire is available for any budget.  Please contact us for appointment at our showroom.

Lavish linen

Designer tea set 

Site decorations upon request at 
additional cost.

Theme decorations with lanterns and parasols, etc.

Place mats available in various colors.

Theme place settings is available for rent. 

Phone:  (626) 205-3098
Toll-free:  1-866-516-1736


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