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Frequent Asked Questions from Guests attending a Chinese Wedding

Q: I am invited to a Chinese wedding, what gift should I bring for the newlyweds?


A: The most common Chinese wedding gift is cash wrapped in red envelope, also named  Li Shi money.  Check is acceptable, of course.  However, if you are not a close relative or friends, go ahead and buy any gift you think is appropriate.  Whatever you buy, do not give the couple a FAN as gift since the pronunciation of fan is "san", which means "disperse" in Chinese, thus considered a bad omen... Gift Ideas at our Shop...>>>

Q: Can you teach me some auspicious words for congratulations to the newlyweds?
A: Bai Tou Xie Lao, meaning "may you two grow old together, and be each other's companion when your hair are white."  Bai Nian Hao Ho, meaning "may you happily together for a hundred years." 

Q: Any taboos at a Chinese wedding?
A: Certain people should not attend Chinese wedding, i.e., pregnant women and someone whose immediate family member just passed away... However, for the younger generations, these are not considered taboo anymore.  Learn more at Do's & Don'ts...>>>


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