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Chinese Wedding Dowry List

Bride's dowry is mainly interior ornaments or daily necessities. Of course, wealthy parents always have the option of throwing in some real estate or couple of servant girls...

1.       24-carat gold jewelries; 

2.        1 pair of chopsticks to indicate "fast son"; 

3.        2 bowls tied up with red string which is called "sons and grandsons bowls"; 

4.        toilet kettle;  

5.        bed spread and pillows and quilt embroidered with dragon-phoenix design;  

6.        scissors and ruler; wallet and belt, 

7.        sliced candy; 

8.        tea sets including tea pot, tea cups and tea tray; 

9.        clothe wrapped together with cypress leaves, 

10.     lotus seeds, 

11.     lucky money (Li Shi), 

12.     dried fruit such as dragon eyes.

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