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Chinese Wedding Do's & Dont's

Don't 1:
At the proposal meeting, the groom's family will present the bride with an alive goose. The bride's family should not kill the goose and eat it because the goose represents the groom. If the goose is quiet when it is turned over to the bride's family, it indicates that the groom has good personality. Otherwise, it indicates the groom is quick-tampered. The bride's family should leave the goose to a pond where it will grow by itself.

Don't 2:
Bride's friends will try to block the groom from entering the bride's room on the morning of the wedding day. But the friends will have to watch time since a auspicious timing is already chosen for the bride to depart her home. 

Don't 3:

When the bride departs her home, and ascends the car, she should change to her formal shoes, thus to indicate that she did not take away even the good luck from her parents.

Don't 4:
When the bride enters the groom's home, the mother-in-law and sister-in-law should not face the door, watching the bride walk in. This is to avoid confrontation in the future.

Don't 5:
Pregnant women and people whose family member just passed away should not participate in the wedding ceremony, nor to touch the newlyweds' clothing or anything in the new home.

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