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Money-saving Tips on Your Wedding

1.  Arrange seating according to the number of guests who have confirmed attendance.  Usually, in Chinese style wedding banquet, the guests of one table share 10 course of dishes together.  It saves money to fill each table fully so that the food is not wasted, and no unnecessary table is booked.

2.  Talk with the restaurant, and provide your own wine and beverages.

3.  Choose a restaurant in relatively remote area where the price will be more reasonable while the quality of the food is the same. 

4.  Before sending out invitations, carefully word it, and invite more single people than couples because the couples will give one set of Li Shi money but take two seats at the banquet. 

5.  Choose to have your wedding banquet on the busiest holiday or popular days for wedding.  Many of your invited guests will most likely give you the Li Shi money without attending the banquet. 

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