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Reminder for Groom:

1.  Cap for "Capping Ritual".

2.  Flower car is decorated properly.

3.  Bouquet for the bride is ready. 

4.  Photographer arrived.

5.  Accessories for worshiping the ancestors.

6.  Li Shi money is enough & wrapped properly.

7.  Small bills for tips here and there.

8.   Wedding ring and gift for the bride is ready.

9.  Proper ID.

Reminder for Bride:

1.  Wooden comb for "hair-dressing Ritual." 

2.  Stylist and hair-dresser arrived.

3.  Proper ID.

4.  "Flower Car" parking spot is arranged.

5.  Bouquet is brought when leaving her door.

6.  A wallet to keep jewelries and Li Shi money. 

7.  Spare stockings

8.  Needle and thread, safety pins.

9.  Night gowns with matching shoes and jewelries.


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