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Chinese Wedding Reception Agenda & Bride's Change of Dresses

1.  Opening Speech. The wedding host or hostess announces the beginning of the wedding, and introduces the newlyweds to the guests, and expresses good wishes to the new couple.

2.  Newlyweds enter the reception room, walking slowly while the band plays Wedding March.

4. Exchange of gifts between groom and bride.

3.  Wedding speeches. It is delivered by 1 respectable elder relative or family friend; 1 respectable guest, then some friends and relatives. Then the newlyweds deliver speeches of appreciation to their parents and guests. 

5.  Groom kisses bride, they become man and wife.

6. Bride throws her bouquet, and groom throws her garter to the single guests.

7.  Cut the wedding cake.

8.  Banquet starts.

9.  Newlyweds greets each guests at their table, pour wine or tea for the guests. Guests give newlyweds Li Shi money if they haven't done so earlier.

10. End of the wedding, newlyweds see the guests off at the door.

In modern Chinese wedding, the bride will change dresses at least three times.  The first timeis a white western style wedding gown to symbolize the bride's purity.  It is worn to the church ceremony if they have one, if not, this is the dress bride will wear to ascend the bridal car on the wedding day.  The second dress is a red traditional Chinese Choengsam dress, also known as Qi Pao, or Qun Kwa.   Bride will wear this traditional Chinese dress to greet guests at the reception site and at the banquet, along with the groom, most likely, in matching Chinese outfit.  The third dress is evening gown when the bride see off the guests at the end of the wedding.


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